Mathantverket Vuollerim
Arctic Artisan Food House                                


We make one of the world's tastiest cheeses of the milk from one of the world's rarest cow breeds.

Can you believe that a small town with 800 inhabitants, far up north, can compete with hundreds of the world's cheese producers. Let us introduce to you Gärda, Asta, Rosa and the rest of our ladies. Here in Vuollerim there are about thirty curious and cuddly Swedish Mountain Cows grazing freely and being milked every morning and evening. The milk then becomes Mountain Cow Cheese, which is undoubtedly one of the best cheeses you can enjoy. They have already received distinguished awards. The Cream cheese ”Cloudberry & Angelica” has been named Sweden's best cheese and the well-ripened Gärda has a World Cheese Awards bronze medal. Maybe you have never seen a mountain cow? That is not unusual since there are only 600 cows left in the world. But we do everything we can to prevent the breed from disappearing. Therefore, we have to care of them, groom them, give them big meadows to graze on and milk them. The result is one of the world's best cheeses. That distinction is as rare as our mountain cows. 

The dairy refines unique Swedish Mountain Cow milk from the Vuollerim farm to delicious Mountain Cow products such as hard cheese, cream cheese, coffee cheese, yoghurt and buttermilk. The dairy was inaugurated June 6, 2018 and is housed in the Arctic Artisan Food House. Ongoing construction plans include the addition of a café, a delicacy boutique and a food-approved manufacturing kitchen.

Food - right in time. Artisan food from the Arctic Circle, where each product is hand-made with love and care. The Arctic Artisan Food House creates genuine artisan food from scratch. Here we focus on food traditions and innovation as well as local production and a sustainable rural community.

The company's main focus is the production of the innovative food idea the Vuollerim roll, which is a local-produced delicacy with a recognizable international look spiced with an exciting local touch.