Mathantverkshuset Vuollerimdelikatesser
Arctic Artisan Food House


The dairy refines unique Swedish Mountain Cow milk from the Vuollerim farm to delicious Mountain Cow products such as hard cheese, cream cheese, coffee cheese, yogurt and buttermilk. The dairy was inaugurated June 6, 2018 and is housed in the Arctic Artisan Food House. Ongoing construction plans include the addition of a café, a delicacy boutique and a food-approved manufacturing kitchen.

Food - right in time. Artisan food from the Arctic Circle, where each product is hand-made with love and care. The Arctic Artisan Food House creates genuine artisan food from scratch. Here we focus on food traditions and innovation as well as local production and a sustainable rural community.

The company's main focus is the production of the innovative food idea the Vuollerim roll, which is a local-produced delicacy with a recognizable international look spiced with an exciting local touch.