Mathantverkshuset Vuollerimdelikatesser
Arctic Artisan Food House


Food - right in time. Artisan food from the Arctic Circle, where each product is hand-made with love and care. The Arctic Artisan Food House creates genuine artisan food from scratch. Here's where food traditions and innovation with local production meet with a focus on rural communities.  Both the Vuollerim roll and the Vuollerim pie have 'Fjällko'-cheese as a common ingredient.  

The company's main focus is the production of the innovative food idea the Vuollerim roll, which is a local-produced delicacy with an exciting local touch. 

The dairy is housed in Mathantverkshuset Vuollerimdelikatesser, which prepares unique 'fjällko'-milk from the Vuollerim Farm to delicious 'Fjällko'-cheeses, such as hard cheese, soft cheese, coffee-cheese,  soured milk and yoghurt.